The importance of business values, networking and creating footprints

October 12, 2016
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Interview with Guest Speaker – Håkon Brydøy

Nettverk Stavanger is pleased to welcome Håkon Brydøy, Project Director at Stavanger University Hospital, to November’s Mixer event. To give you an exclusive preview of his speaker topic at the forthcoming Mixer event at Clarion Hotel Stavanger, we asked Håkon to share his views on strategic and successful networking as well as business values.


1) How important is strategic networking for successful management?

Firstly, lets define successful management – when are you successful? Can it be when you move from an analytic stage to a more relational approach? Everyone can read they Kotler, but can you small talk with your employees. Create an openness, a dialog, exchange information to get the job done.

If you find it unpleasant to trade favors with strangers, you will not succeed in the long run. Our educational system is not at all excellent in such matters. And a paradox can be that the Millenniums both require independence and teamwork? Success in a hierarchy is no longer the issue, you must succeed by understanding and develop a culture for sharing opportunities and harvest knowledge from each other. Business as of today focuses more on values and balanced targets. Success for me is to ensure that other people shine. Like knowing them and really care.


2) Why is it important to make plan for the future, and make decisions in accordance with business values?

One statement comes to my mind – a plan is nothing, the process coming there is everything. Everyone should make some future goals to reach within different aspects of life. Family, work, friend, future. Just remember to make several versions of your plan, as life itself is not a straight line living. Business values – at least understand them and make some alignment in your day to day living. For several they are already present. Usually they are so generic that they are fit for all. I have seen and assisted in developing several values. Make sure that you really understand what the value are for us the Company – as the same word will vary from business to business. Unless the values are filled with some content – they are and will become meaningless. Have seen that too, then plans are difficult to implement as they not will align individually or as a collegium.


3) Mixer provides an opportunity to engage with new people and expand your professional network. What is you top tips for successful networking?

Talk, be patient. It takes time. Climb the hurdle of small talking by starting with someone you do not know – even just as about the weather to jumpstart. Remember LinkedIn is a passive network – you just click. Mixer is an active – you talk, but do not stress with your agenda. Relations take times to expand. Create a footprint. Exchange a business card or a note to remember. Find the arenas Mixer, at Work, in the neighborhood, Næringsforeningen, conferences, ONS – there are lots of them. Join and participate.



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