This is Nettverk Stavanger

Nettverk Stavanger aims to make the region more attractive to work in and establish oneself, and to be a leader for networking and leadership development. We do this by arranging mentor program Mentor, the established networking events Mixer and other small events. Engage is our own corporate social responsibility program. The team consists of three board members, and the rest is enthusiasts / volunteers.

We believe that networking is a valuable skill for any professional. Therefor we aim to build networks external and internal, during what we arrange trough events and our mentor program. Building a strong network can lead to new cross-functional opportunities that can add great value to both your business and your own presence.


The reason for establishing Nettverk Stavanger began with us attending a number of small and complex networks, but few good events which was open to all professionals in the region. Nettverk Stavanger began arranging Super Thursday that was a networking concept held in all the major cities in Norway. In autumn 2010 we had our first big event Mixer. Another project that has spun out of the networking was “Mentor”. “Mentor” is a management development program, on behalf of Nettverk Stavanger, where senior managers are volunteering as mentors for a whole year with regular meetings and follow-up between mentor and mentee.