Meet the founder of Forgerock – the fastest growing IRM company in the world

October 18, 2016
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While someone else wrecked the technology, Lasse and his team grabbed the technological opportunity in front of them, and turned the code into a goldmine.

Since they founded Forgerock in 2010, the company is now the fastest growing Identity Relationship Management vendor in the world – more than half a billion people are now using his product. Without knowing it, you might be as well, through services provided by NSB, Skatteetaten or Lånekassen. A while back, their headquarter was moved from Norway, to San Fransisco, but Lasse has still agreed to join us at Mixer on November 4th. Therefore Nettverk Stavanger is proud to announce that Lasse Andresen, co-founder and CTO at Forgerock will be a guest speaker at Mixer.

Lasse will tell us about how he found the courage to grab the opportunity that Oracle didn’t find viable, and how they were able to turn the idea into reality. It must be every entrepreneurs dream to do the same. Looking back, what made it possible? What did he do right? And… is it all work, no play like they say, or does he get to enjoy the ride?

In Lasse and Forgerocks development from a Norwegian startup, towards the impressive success their company is today, a key focus of Lasse was
PPP – Passion – People – Product

Lasse is also an active advisor to several startup companies and maintains a vast international network of key contacts. In addition to his views on his own his journey, he will present advice on what he sees enables other entrepreneurs to succeed. Could we be able to as well?
“Its all about can-do attitude, execution and a small portion Madness says” Lasse. We are excited to learn more about it on November 4th.


lasse_andresen_sh-cropAbout Lasse Andresen
As ForgeRock Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Lasse built the company from a vision of identity is the center of everything. From the ground up, to over 300 employees in offices around the world in just five years, achieving over 100% growth every year, and securing over $50 Million in venture funding from top VC firms. Lasse’s specialties include CxO-level leadership, serial startup entrepreneurship, international/distributed organizations expertise, emerging technologies, cloud computing, PaaS software, identity and access management, and open source. When not dreaming up the next big thing in identity, Lasse is a passionate keyboard player and cyclist, having cycled in countries around the globe. Lasse now lives in San Fransisco, but still keeps a strong tie to Stavanger.


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Date: Friday, 04th of November
Time: 18:00 – 22:00
Venue: Clarion Hotel Stavanger
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