Meet mentor Berta Lende Røed

January 19, 2017
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Berta Lende Røed

The five mentors for 2017-2018 are ready to be presented! Here is a short description of our second one.
Berta Lende Røed holds a bachelor degree in physical education from The Norwegain School of Sport Science, in 1996.

Røed’ has a strong background within communications, sales and coaching in different organisations. Moreover, she has broad experience with developing educational web tools, and different tools for coaching and communication.

Røed is the entrepreneur behind FuelBox – “the box of great conversations”, and CEO of Fuel It AS. Being a creative soul – she developed the idea that she could create great conversations to strengthen both individuals and relationships. It all started when she began to verbalise different questions she wanted to ask her husband, as well as questions she wished he would ask her.

Berta’s current organisational focus is further development, marketing and globalisation of FuelBox, in addition to giving public speeches and lectures to organisations.

A part from her entrepreneurial backround, she has previously worked as a teacher and educator in high school, as well as Training Manager and Coach at AstraZeneca. Furthermore, she has experience from the oil and shipping industry, facilitating change processes at Blå Mediametor.

Moreover, Røed holds the position as board member with various organisations, such as Nordic Ventures AS and Stavanger Chamber of Commerce.

Berta Lende Røed is passionate about getting people to talk more, and working better together in different constellations. This is Berta’s first time as a mentor and she is looking forward to taking on the role. Her slogan is: “Don’t fuel it if you don’t mean it!”







What is Mentor?

Mentor is a management development program, organized by Nettverk Stavanger, where senior managers are volunteering as mentors for a whole year. Mentor is free of charge, and everyone under the age of 40 can apply. The program is carried out with specialist support from Bjornson Organizational psychologists. Read more here.

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Do you want to meet Berta, before you apply?

We are inviting you for a meet and greet with our new mentors this Tuesday 24th of January 7pm – 9pm. This is a great opportunity for you to ask questions and find out more about the new mentors in order to apply for the right one. See our Facebook-event for more information.