How to make your application stand out?

January 26, 2017
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“Mentor” is a management development program, on behalf of Nettverk Stavanger, where senior managers are volunteering as mentors for a whole year. Everyone can apply for a mentor, and there are five mentors every year.

A mentor can help to shorten your learning curve, open your mind to new ideas and possibilities, identify opportunities and advise on how to promote yourself. You may benefit from a relationship with someone who provides knowledge, insight, support, guidance, and open doors for you. Having a mentor can provide you with many advantages.

The five mentors for 2017-2018:
Birte Norheim – CEO, Njord Gas Infrastructure
Berta Lende Røed – Entrepreneur, Fuelbox
Kjetil Sævareid – CEO, Trolltunga Robotics
Ellen Math Henrichsen – Director, Rogaland Teater
Per Hatlem – Managing Director, PHM


Every year there are several applicants for the mentor programme. Of all the applicants, only five are chosen.

So, what do we look for in an application?

Everyone in the region, under the age of 40, can apply. There is no requirement for management experience, but the motivation letter will be emphasized.

Here are a few tips;

  • Be clear on your motivation. Why do you want a mentor? Who would you like as your mentor? The more specific, the better.
  • Be clear on your own experience. We actively divide between candidates who are starting up and candidates who are further in their career. The latter is more likely to get a mentor as the challenges are very different in the two stages.
  • How will you utilise your mentor? Which of the mentor’s area of expertise are of most value to you?
  • Which of the 5 mentors do you apply for and why?
  • How do you see having a mentor helping you towards your ambitions and goals?

The application process has begun. Submit your application and resume within 12.02.2017 to


Practical information

  • The program runs over 12 months, and is free of charge.
  • Personality and ability testing will provide useful reflections before the relationship between the mentor and the mentee begins.
  • The start will take place at a half-day seminar with all the mentor’s and mentees. After that, the close relation begins.
  • There will be minimum one meeting a month between the mentor and the mentee.
  • The goal is that the mentee benefit from a relationship with someone who provides knowledge, insight, support, guidance, and open doors.