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October 21, 2016
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Enter the stage and make things happen!

Networking is a great way to meet new people and build both your personal and professional network. With each new person you meet during an organised networking event, you will identify new opportunities, engage in interesting conversations and have the opportunity to share something about yourself that may be of interest and value to others.


…A nice ice-breaker for expanding my network and engage in conversation with new people.

To help you connect with the right people, Mixer provides the opportunity for participants to pitch to everyone in the room about their idea, their business or themselves. The Mixer team believes that when you are heard, you can be seen and the connections will come and seek you out. After that, the rest is up to you.

So, how does it work? At the next Mixer event, participants will have the opportunity to stand on stage and pitch for 90 seconds. It is essential to include a brief introduction about yourself and an overview of what you are pithing about. However, to really maximise the opportunity of a pitch and make things happen, it is also important to communicate whom you want to meet and connect with.

«Being able to do an elevator pitch is an important ability in many situations and crucial in the start-up scene. Speaking at Mixer was a great opportunity for me to practice my elevator pitch and get my message out there. It was also a nice ice-breaker for expanding my network and engage in conversation with new people. It’s a bit scary before speaking in front of 300 people and very rewarding afterwards!», said Arnfinn Matre,  who took the opportunity to pitch at the May Mixer event. He pitched his UFO Hunter game. Arnfinn is the Founder of UFO Hunter, Click Lift and Chairman of the Board at Matre Maskin.

Another participant who took to the stage to pitch is Maria Aasbø, who believes the value of pitching at a Mixer event is to create opportunities that you may not even know exist. Maria is now Director for Sales and services at Sparebank 1 Customer service. When she entered the stage in May, she pitched her own skills and qualifications as a person.

Maria said – “Pitching is a brilliant opportunity to get your message out. You have limited time to catch the attention of the audience and you should therefore be very careful about what you choose to focus on. My experience was that people came to me afterwards to learn more about what I presented. Then we had time to discuss and share views and I found this very interesting and useful.”

 “It is important for us to continue with business pitches on our events. Mixer is all about having the opportunity of building your presence in the region. We want young professionals in the region to get the opportunity to present a viable opportunity, and maybe someone in the audience think this is worthy of an investment – either as a business idea, the business itselves or maybe someone wants to invest in the person on stage with a career opportunity” said Silje Finnskog Jensen, Board Member at Nettverk Stavanger.

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Date: Friday, 04th of November
Time: 18:00 – 22:00
Venue: Clarion Hotel Stavanger

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